Rewriter in combination with SSO

In our environment we have implemented SSO (Single Sign On). With a rewriter rule this also worked using IIS 7.5. The platform is based on Mendix 2.5.3 Since we have update our (test) environment tio Mendix 4.2.1 the SSO still worked when users directly connect to the built in web component of the Mendix business server. However when users logon to the IIS website SSO does not work as it should be. In the log it is noted that users indeed correctly authenticate and log in, however the landing page (login.html) is not correctly loaded. We strongly believe the rewriter is the cause of our problem, but cannot solve it. Below see the configuration (which worked in Mendix 2.5.3). Rewriter version 353 is used. (update to 357 did not bring a solution) RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)$ RewriteRule ^/xas/?(.*) http://localhost:8080/xas/$1?%1 [P,L] RewriteRule ^/xas/?(.*) http://localhost:8080/xas/$1 [P] RewriteRule ^/ws/?(.*) http://localhost:8080/ws/$1 [P] RewriteRule ^/sso/?(.*) http://localhost:8080/sso/$1 [P] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)$ RewriteRule ^/file?(.*) http://localhost:8080/file$1?%1 [P,L] RewriteRule ^/file?(.*) http://localhost:8080/file$1 [P]
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Using Chrome browser inspector console we found errors: 500 (Internal Server Error)
indicating that mxclientsystem based files could not be found.

By updating the authorizations on this (virtual) directory the issue was solved. In the process of upgrading our application the mxclientsystem directory was recreated during deployment and appearantly authorizations were not set correctly.