Trouble with enumeration values upon merging branches

When merging a branch with the branch it's originating from problems may arise when in both branches a new enumeration-value has been assigned to the same enumeration. This might result in a wrong mapping of a call to another microflow (the mapping-argument will be replaced with a wrong enumeration-value). What is the appropriate way to deal with new enumeration values in two branches?
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Update: Thinking about it some more, I think Pieter is right and there is little harm in merging the list of enumeration values. I have already implemented this in our code bases and future versions of Mendix 3 and 4 will merge enumerations without conflicts!

Old answer: If two people both add a value to an enumeration in separate branches, then there will be a conflict on the enumeration. We decided not to merge lists of enumeration values because their order is important. You can resolve the conflict by choosing one of the alternatives. Afterwards, you will have to add the missing value to the enumeration. I do not see how microflow calls are impacted by this.