ParseDateTime specific structure

The problem is as follows: We want to connect with a webservice (NMBRS). There are several Update processes and one of them is the update of personal information. Here, a date must be given at all times to update specific information. This date must be at all times: a dateTime format a specific dateTime format, (read as example: 1963-03-03T00:00:00) Because the options given in Mendix of parsing and formatting dates are 'limited', is there a simple way to create this specific dateTime format? The option of providing a string in this format is not being excepted by the webservice. It must be a dateTime format. Someone struggled with this problem before and want to give us a hand? Thanks in advance !
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Read it as a string and parse it into a date with ParseDateTime after the webservice is called.

Update: Create the date yourself with formatDateStr functions like

D = formatDateStr($date, "yyyy-MM-dd") + "T" + formatDateStr($date, "hh:mm:ss")

And use this field in the mapping as a value for the date.


Can't (or I misread your option).

The webservice needs a dateTime and won't except a string. So, I need to create this specific dateTime format structure, otherwise the webservice won't eat it.