Core: Object with the following id couldnt be retrieved

We are experiencing intermittent warnings like this: 2012-10-15 12:32:17.947 WARNING - Core: Object with the following id couldn't be retrieved: '[MendixIdentifier:: guid=281951721532957 objectType=CSRWorkflow.Task objectTypeHash=111 dataStoreCode=1 objectStoreId=3452445]' We get this on various objects, and it started happening after migrating our Mendix app to Mendix 3.2.1. This is as relevant info that I could gather, all the rest of the variables seem random Can you give me a reason or tips on how to chase this problem to its source? EDIT (October 15, 2012 3:33 PM) : After Chris' input, I went looking for 1 instance of where this happened in isolation of a microflow's scope and found that the error had to happen in the same microflow where objects are retrieved and then looped through:
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I see you do a commit with events. Do you do another commit in either the before or after commit action of task? Try temporarly setting the commit to 'without events' to check if the problem still occurs. If it does then it could be that you do a commit and a refresh action in the before/after commit. This has given me similar problems in the past.


This is not an easy one. I can only give some hints.

Check the created objects and see whether they are committed or rolled back. Maybe this created object is filled in as referenced object but not stored at the end.

This may happen over forms and sub-forms (a new, not committed, object is shown in a form). The form contains multiple next steps (read: buttons) in the workflow.


I remember fixing something in Mendix 4 where an object was unnecessarily retrieved after a rollback, but I don't know if this was already an issue in Mendix 3. Would it be possible for you to check if this still happens with a recent Mendix 4 version?