Template grids and line breaks/page breaks

Is there a reason you cannot put line breaks or page breaks in template grids? What is the way to get around this?
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I've had the same problem in a Document Template and solved it by adding this to the custom style of the template grid's main table:

break-after: page;

If your Template Grid is at bottom of your Document Template and you don't want to generate an empty last page you can also use:

break-before: page;

If you just want a line break, you can probably trick this by using static labels containing a space.


Because a template grid is placed on a form and not on a document template. You set the amount of rows in the template grid properties to achieve something like a page break. In a templategrid you can add extra cells below your object, to insert a line-break. Are you confused with the document template?

Edit after comment with example:

Dataview with object triplist

start of table [row][cell] Header with some info [/cell][/row]

[row][cell] attribute of object[/cell][/row]

[row][cell] Templategrid with associated orders[/cell][/row]

[row][cell] Pagebreak[/cell][/row]

[row][cell] Templategrid with associated other objects[/cell][/row]

end of table

End of dataview


Adding line breaks and page breaks after a template grid in the document template does not add spacing between the sorted objects. If I try to add extra cells to my template grid in my document template and add page breaks or line breaks in there I receive errors.


You can't add page breaks to a template grid in a document template! Why i don't know?


Suppose you have a template grid with 25 records and you want a page break after 6 records. Create a helper entity which you can create in a microflow and refers to 6 records, create a new helper entity which refers to the next 6 records and so on. Display the helper entity on the document template.