Change CSS on the login popup

I have tried this but it does not work. In fact, nothing I do changes the log in pop up screen at all. I am making the changes in my custom theme folder. Why would this be? Answer to a similar question on the forum: "In your deployment directory there is a layout.css file. You can open it in notepad or similar program to edit the css. Find .mendixLogin_logoPane{height: 60px;background: transparent url(images/layout/your image.jpg) no-repeat scroll center center !important;} and replace the default image with your image"
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The default login.html page contains this line:

@import "ui/theme-default/login.css";

so it is using the login.css in the ui/theme-default location. This is one of the default themes that ships with Mendix and will be overwritten each time you restart the application from the Modeler.

To avoid your changes being overwritten, you need to include the login.html file in your bespoke theme and use a css file in a different location that will not be overwritten.



the layout.css can be used to alter the login layer of the index.html file in your theme directory. You probably need to alter the login.css which can be used to change login.html.

Check your browser which file is loaded.