Error when upgrade to Mx 4.2.1- DROP SEQUENCE null CASCADE

Hi, We are upgrading a project from 3.2.1 to 4.2.1. However, when synchronizing database, we have an error. The reason is that there is one sql query that cannot be executed: DROP SEQUENCE null CASCADE; Of course, we don't have any sequence with name "null"! Do you know how can we solve the issue. Regards,
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This would be hard to tell without knowing how this situation came to be. Can you file a ticket with your 3.2.1 database, 4.2.1 project mpk and all the .sql files in your deployment/data/database/ folder?


I am guessing the name of the sequence to correct the query manually.

-Do you know when a table needs a sequence? (Is that only tables for entities (not inherited ones) need sequences?)

-When it is needed to drop a sequence?

-About the order of queries "DROP SEQUENCE ... CASCADE", is that Mendix generate the queries in alphabetical order?