Application on tablet and GPRS/3G

Hi, I am building an application that is most of the time used via a tablet and a 3G (or less) connection. I am looking into improvements on data transfer (speed and cost) and browser-based rendering (speed and battery). What are the gzip options of the standard Mendix server in the Mx cloud? What would be a good approach to see the data streams between server and client? Use a sniffer like Wireshark or is there a Chrome or Firefox plugin that fits the specific purpose better? The forms use FormatString widgets quite a lot. Where do they render? At the server or the browser? If the browser, is it resource intensive? Do browsers like Firefox and Chrome have a profiling plugin, to see what it had to do to show a page? I look forward to your suggestions. Regards, Paul
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Firebug could help you to analyze some relevant statistics. Open Firebug and navigate tot the "Net" tab. When you load a page, you will see the size and time to load of your request.

Edit after comment:

The mendix client consumes the biggest part of your data, when you load a mendix app the first time. After that, caching should take over. You said you're building an app mostly used by a tablet. It's reasonable to build this in Mendix 4, so that you can use mobile forms, which are already optimized. Is that an option?