How can I refer to value of attribute of associated object?

When setting the value of an attribute in a microflow, how can I refer to the value of an attribute of an associated object? Example: Metaclass orderline has attribute pricePerPiece (currency) an association to metaclass product, which has attribute price (currency). an after create event microflow with a Change Object activity which should set the value of pricePerPiece to the price of the associated product. What should be the value expression of this Change Object activity? With code completion it can become $orderline/MyFirstModule.orderline_product but after this there's through code completion no possibility to select product or price, and the following expressions give errors: $orderline/MyFirstModule.orderline_product/price $orderline/MyFirstModule.orderline_product/product/price $orderline/MyFirstModule.orderline_product/MyFirstModule.product/price
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You first have to retrieve the associated object (product) in the microflow. You will then be able to select the price and use that to set the pricePerPiece.