Tabcontainer + associations

Hi, I've recently started working with Mendix and i'm currently working on a project where i would like to create a personal file using a Tabcontainer. I would like to create the following: tab 1: Basic employee information (shown with a DataView) tab 2: Project information (where the employee on tab1 has participated in). In the domainmodel, there is an association between employee and project. It seems to be necessary to fill the DataView on tab 2 using a microflow that creates a list. I've been able to create that flow and i've been able to show the contents of the list. Only problem is, the content of the list contains ALL atributes AND there is no relation between the employee and the project the employee has participated in. How can i create that?
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Do not place your dataview inside tab 1. Instead, have the dataview as the top-level object, then add the tabcontainer inside the dataview. You can then add any attributes you wish on tab1

For tab2, include a datagrid and choose as the source the association between the project and employee - that will automatically limit the grid to the records you want.

If you allow the modeler to create the dayagrid for you it will include all attributes - just delete the ones you do not wish to display.