Guid at client site - Mendix 4

Hi all, We have two questions related to GUID of a Object retrieved at client side: -Is it true that, in Mendix4, at client site, mxObject.getGuid() is equal to ID of the corresponding Object in database. -Suppose that we want to store the Guid of an Object elsewhere (in a text file for example), is it possible to use this stored Guid to retrieve the same Object. Or, in another way, for an mxObject, is the mxObject.getGuid() ever changed? (we observed that in Mendix3, after re-deploying the application, it's changed) Regards,
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Yes, in Mendix 4 the guids used in client/server communication are the same as the identifiers objects are stored with in the database. You can use these guids to retrieve the same object later.

However, for integrating with external systems you could also create your own guid for a certain object and use that which has the advantage your application won't be relying on Mendix not changing the internal identifier mechanism. I don't see this happening anytime soon but it's still good to be cautious.


As far as I know the GUID does correspond to the object in the database and, the GUID shouldn't change after re-deploying.