ConnectionBus Validation error

Hi, I have an ongoing issue with an error message in the Mendix Service Console 3.0. I beleive it to do with the SQL Database. In the Consol tab when i select the START button two things happen. First it comes up with a message: The database has to be updated due to domain model changes Synchronize Details>> Cancel Database I always click on the Synchronize Database button, although I am not certain why I need to keep doing this everytime I run the application - is this standard? Secondly I have the folowing Error popup: Error on executing: CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[mx_toLocalDateTime] (@utcDateTime datetime, @dstTimeZone nvarchar(50)) RETURNS datetime AS EXTERNAL NAME [Mendix.SqlServerExtensions].[Mendix.SqlServerExtensions.DateTimeLocalizer].[ConvertToLocalDateTime]; The following error occurred: Assembly 'Mendix.SqlServerExtensions' was not found in the SQL catalog of database 'IndependentAge'. What do I need to do to sort out both these issues please? Many thanks Rob
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Robert - this is clearly not normal behavior. Normally, you would synchronize the database once, there would be no errors, and you would not have to synchronize again until you made further modeler changes that affect the database structure.

I'm sure I've seen this or a very similar issue a long time ago at a potential client site, but I can't remember the details. It was caused by a configuration they had set in MS SQL Server which stopped Mendix making changes it wished to for timezone calculations. The fix from Mendix was a special Runtime configuration setting to change the behavior of Mendix and avoid the error message... but I can't find what that setting was....

I've just searched my email history and the forum and found this: What-Database-Permissions-are-needed-to-run-Mendix. I'm not sure it's the same issue, but it sounds similar. HTH