Display image in topppane from modeller object

Hi, I am trying to add an image to the toppane from an object inside the modeller and would like to know what’s the best way to achieve this. Basically I have a customer object and each customer has a company logo. I use a form to upload the logo when the new customer is created. I’ve tested the logo on the home page and for each customer that logs in, their company logo is displayed. So far so good... but if I want the image to be displayed throughout the site I will have to add it to the toppane as I don’t want to add it to all the forms (besides, that's what the toppane is good for). I know I can add an image to the toppane, but the toppane is controlled externally from the modeller, so how can I achieve this?! How can I had an image to the toppane from an object in the modeller? Has it been done before?! Are there examples?! This would allow the customer to login and its company logo displayed in the toppane and thus, across the whole site. LR.
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You have to create a custom widget to accomplish this. Custom widgets will be supported in our next release (Mendix 2.5).

It is possible to write JavaScript to create a custom widget for 2.4, however, this is not fully documented. We will contact you with more details.