Reference set - Limit / maximum on the number of objects?

I tried assigning a set of 4900 objects in a reference set. Am I correct that this causes problems? I got a NaN error opening the reference set in a form. The NaN error did not occur when the set was smaller, like 120 objects. Is there a clear limit and what does this limit depend on?
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This seems to me to be a bug. I created a simple test project where I have 2 entities and on entity 1 I create 5000 records of entity 2 and relate them in the ref set to entity 1. Then the server returns a stack overflow error and I see the NaN error on the ref set widget when opening the form. If I the however press the reset button on the grid (in the search area) the entries are returned and the NaN issue disappears and no stack overflow error occurs. So this seems to have something to do with the initial load of the form. I would file a bug report for this issue.