Is it possible to check for DataValidationFeedback in a Java action?

From a Java action, I'm doing a Core.commit(...) call. When this returns null, I know the object wasn't committed which in my case is most likely caused by validation errors. Is there any option to retrieve the validation messages in such a case? In the API Javadoc I found the interface IDataValidationFeedback, but as far as I can tell this is only used when you have a UserException (which I don't have). I also know that CoreAction has the addDataValidationFeedback method, but there is no getDataValidationFeedback.
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There's currently no way to retrieve these. They are contained within a context object but the IContext interface does not expose these.

Maybe you could file a ticket with your case in a testproject and we can see if we can improve this. Do you know why you're not getting an exception? Normally you'd get a DataValidationRuntimeException in such a case.