Read-only fields rendered as editable

I had a detail form (data view) being used for create and edit actions on a metaobject. Some of the fields on this form were read-only, and were rendered correctly as such. One day, the business decided it would never want to create or edit these objects using this form, but only view the details of an object. So I set all the editable fields to read-only, and Mendix rendered the fields in question as editable. I know this wasn't a cache issue because I could see other changes to the form rendered in the browser. So then I set the whole form to read-only, and now it wasn't possible to save changes to any of the fields, because of course you only get a "close" button which only dismisses the form. However, the fields which used to be editable are still being rendered as editable, they are white instead of grey, and you can click on them, give them focus, and type in them. What's more, some of them are date and dropdown fields, but they're being rendered as text fields. This is happening both in IE and in Firefox. I did the same thing to two other forms in the same project which the business also wanted read-only and obtained the expected results. Anyone know what might be going on please?
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Hi Martin,

Honestly I don't have the same problem that you seems to have. Currently I am working with the version of the Mendix Business Modeler. Which Modeler version do you use? Maybe you can reproduce it in a test project and attach it to an incident in our Partner Portal? Then we can check whether it is a bug or not. After that, we can help you to deal with this problem.