Re-select allowed roles

I am combining two modules and came across some annoyances. Transporting the entities and forms etc. is a breeze, but not so when security comes into play. Let’s say I a have a role administrator in both modules. When the form is transported I get an error that I need to set the security again. When you now go to the module security, go to the tab Web Form Access you can select the role of the just imported form. But now you still have an error because when going to the form you will now see under security / allowed roles administrator, administrator. You still have to open this setting and just click OK and then the old administrator role is removed. It is worse when the entity is transported. If you open the entity tab access rules and click the module role administrator just clicking OK will not remove the error. You have to deselect and reselect the administrator role to get the error away. This should be simpler I think because now every changed object had to be opened manually and correct the setting. Why not check first if the same module role name exists in the new module and ask the user to reset this module role. And adjusting the security tab Web form access should also remove the old setting and not just create the new setting. Could this be done better? Should I have removed the old roles first before moving? Like to hear opinions. Regards, Ronald
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