Tab Order & Components Without Tab Index Property

I have a modal popup form where I need to set the tabbing order for the fields. I've set the fields sequentially from 1 - 10 but have found that when tabbing the order moves from the first text box to a Reference Set Selector and then to the second text box rather than through the fields and then on to the Reference Set Selector. I also tried setting the tab indexes to values lower than 0 but this resulted in the tab moving to items on different forms before moving to the current form. Is there any way to change the tab index for the Reference Set Selector so that the tab sequence for the form can be managed? Thanks.
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@Neil Grigg,

In versions prior to 2.4 the The Tab Index is implemented on primitive attributes of the object. At this moment it's not possible to tab through the Reference Set Selector.

Setting tab index to zero can lead to an unexpected results, because the inputs of the browsers(address bar,search field,etc) are also in this group. That's why try to avoid using tabIndex=0