Referring to Datagrid selections passed to a Microflow

I have a microflow button in the control bar of a data grid. The button setting is to pass selected rows to the microflow. How do I refer to these rows in the microflow? More specific: The datagrid displays a list of pictures. Once one or more of the pictures are selected, I start a microflow that loops through the selected pictures and sets the 'display in form' attribute to true and then opens a form with a datagrid and template grid with image viewer to allow the user to flip through the pictures. Problem: I can't find documentation on how to refer to the objects passed by the button to the microflow. Thanks!
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If the microflow button settings are to pass the selected rows, then you should have a parameter in your microflow called something like ImageList which will then be passed your selections.

In your microflow you can add a loop action and loop through each image passed to set the values you want in a change action inside the loop. Something like:

alt text