On Change Event ReferenceSelector after 4.2.2 upgrade not working

After upgrading from 4.1.0 to 4.2.2 (recommended by Mendix) I'm getting the feeling that the on-change event on referenceselectors isn't working anymore (or at least not how it worked before) On a dataview form I'm displaying Entity-A, which has a boolean attribute (used for conditional visibility for a tablerow in the form) which is calculated by a microflow. This microflow retrieves via the relationship between Entity-A and Entity-B an (enum) attribute value (of Entity-B off course). This is the same relationship which is being used in the referenceselector on the form which displays Entity-A. The on change microflow on the reference selector does nothing more than pass the Entity-A, and a single change object action, that only refreshes Entity-A in order to have the calculated Boolean attribute re-calculate by it's mircoflow. However, this last part does not happen, the calculated Boolean does not re-calculate after the change-event. Has anybody had similar issues after upgrading? I've had so-many issues lately after upgrading between minor releases that I'll have to schedule a 100% thorough test (which will take many days depending on the application) before even considering upgrading again. The downside to this is that in the meantime my application will theorethically be vulnerable to known security risks.... Or did I miss some documentation update about the behaviour of calculated attributes ;-) ??
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I have traced the error down to a tabcontainer containing 2 tabs in the form. When the reference selector is present on both tabs, the on-change action doesn't get fired off. When you delete the reference selector on tab 2, it does work.

Submitted a bug.