Messaging system

I am creating a consultant portal that will connect small business owners with consultants. I would like to create an internal messaging system that will have an inbox, sent and trash. The system will uses the username of the user to determine which inbox to deliver the message. Does anyone know how to create anything like this. Here are my thoughts. I created an entity called Messages. with attributes called sender, receiver,subject, and message I have a tab container with three tabs: inbox, sent, trash in each section i have a form in a dataview grid connected to the entity called messages. for in box: x path constraints reciever = to system user for sent box = x path constraints = sender = to sytem user I have a web form called compose message that is also connected to the messages entity. and is in the inbox tab as create new message.
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Kind of similar to the post I made recently but I wonder if you could implement this idea using Google+ API and use GChat or Google+ as a source for sending messages.