Anonymous users and mobile login form

In a nutshell: how to let mobile users login when anonymous users are enabled.. I use some anonymous available forms to let users register for the application. That forms are available by deeplinks and embedded in a website. A known issue is that when anonymous is enabled you always have to go to /login.html to login and index.html will present a blank screen. Because we don't want to display a blank form to anonymous users that navigates to index.html we have fixed that by a default home page for ano users with a "click here to login" and a redirect to /login.html. For the mobile application I want to do the same thing. Ideally I would have the possibility to disable anonymous users for mobile. Since that's not possible I'm trying to do the same trick, namely: a mobile home form for ano users with a link to /login-**.html. The problem is: there seems to be no directly addressable login html page for mobile. Any ideas? Note. a microflow activity "redirect to login" would be very nice and will solve much of my issues that I have because of using anonymous users.
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You might want to take a look at the Mobile Login widget in the App Store.