Constraing reference set based upon another selected reference.

My Domain model contains an entity Decision which has a many to 1 relationship with Subjects. 1 Subject : many Decisions. Furthermore, I have Change Requests which have a relationship with a Subject. Many Subjects: many Change Requests When creating a new Decision, after selecting a Subject, using a reference selector, I want to select Change Requests which reference this Subject, using a reference set selector. In the XPath constraint I would need something like [%CurrentObject%]/DecisionSubject = ChangeRequest/ChangeRequestSubject but this doesn’t seem to work. Is it possible to constrain my selection on Change Request based upon the Subject of the Decision?
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When using a xpath to constrain your selection the Decision entity needs to be submitted to the database.

You could try to use the Constrained by property? The constrained by property is a AND selection when selecting multiple constraints..