Xpath to retrieve by Mx ID (GUID)

How can I retrive via Xpath based on the GUID of an object? The documentation states that I can use a 'id' function in my Xpath, see: https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide3/XPath+id However, this doesn't work for me? I'm trying to delete in batch a lot of records of Entity B, that have a relationship with Entity A. Using the executeMicroflowInBatch (CommunityCommons), I want to supply the Xpath (in textstring) from Entity B to Entity A, using the GUID of Entity A. The executed microflow just takes an argument of Entity B and deletes it, nothing special there. Does somebody have an example how to achieve this?
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Use the getGUID java action from the CommunityCommons module to get the guid from entity A. The xpath should look like [module.EntityB_EntityA/module.EntityA/id='Your GUID>'] it could be that GUID is without quotes.