Maximize a form by double-clicking topbar

In most applications you can maximize a form by double-clicking the top bar. In Mendix forms this is not possible. Is there a workaround or are there plans to implement this functionality? I now checked and cannot find the functionality in 4.2.2 as well;-)
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That's an interesting suggestion. You can of course add a button at the top of your pop-up form to run a microflow to close the current pop-up and re-open it in content. Disadvantages are:

1) It's not a standard windows UI control

2) You may need to have a duplicated view without the button to show when 'In Content' or with a different button/microflow to reverse the operation

3) Not all forms that can be displayed In Content can be displayed as a pop-up


Would you be able to change/replace the action or add extra actions to the action that is kicked off clicking the maximize button in the header of a popup form? If so, would you be so kind to give me some pointers how to do that (where to start or an example)?