Multiple Association to One Object seem to over write each other

I have 2 Modules A and B A has 2 associations with B however it seems that data added via A to the associations 1 and 2 seems to write to one Object B and hence overwrite and changes Is there a way around this
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Hi Ethel,

Thank you for sending me the image of your metamodel.

The 1-1 associations are the reason for overwriting the changes. I would advise you not using 1-1 associations. A 1-1 association can be used with the objects Person and Profile. I cannot come up with another situation of using a 1-1 association.

You should change the following associations:

Customer ->( RegisteredCustomerAddress) -> CustomerAddress (0-1 association). (In theory, a customer can have one or more registered customer addresses)

Customer ->( BillingCustomerAddress)-> CustomerAddress (0-1 association).


Site ->(Address_Site)-> CustomerAddress (0-1 association).

Site->( Site_BillingAddress)-> CustomerAddress (0-1 association).

You should also change the associations of Customer with Contact into 0-1 associations.

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There are no actions involved here it a simple Add/Edit Forms which create an object and its associated objects so we have A- association 1 to Object B A - association 2 to Object B and it seems to that there is only one Object B so changes overwrite each other