How to build a nice homepage

Hi guys, Apologies for the newbie question - first post, and only been using Mendix for 4 days! I am trying to build an application where, on the opening screen (i.e. the first screen the user sees) is a nice-looking control panel with some basic info, and nice big buttons to navigate around. The forms that flow from this page are complete, I just wanted to create something else other than the standard menu bar at the top of the page. I can't seem to find a way to do this - am I trying to do the impossible? Thanks very much, Jason
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Something like this ??

EFP website

(restricted live version)

Feedback and screens behind the portal are specific for certain user/button combinations


Deviating from the standard layout is not easy but also not impossible. All though you will keep the menu bar what you can do is create a form with some microflow buttons on it which you provide with a custom design/size. This will allow you to make some sort of grid of buttons or whatever you like to do with them.

But as far as i know you cannot get rid of the nav bar completely.


Thanks Pieter - definitely worth a try. Apologies for another newbie question, but where can I specify a custom size? Is that what the "style" inputbox is for, in the Common section of the property dialog?

Thanks again for your quick reply.


Hi Lex, Yes, that is much closer to what I was trying to achieve. Any tips you can share with me would be very gratefully received! :) Thanks for your quick reply, Jason