Data fetching

Hello, We are considering using Mendix framework and wondering how performance depends on domain model complexity (we have a lot of entities with one-many, many-many relations). Modern ORM frameworks/tools use lazy loading technics/second level caches to reduce DB queering and amount of data to fetch. Does Mendix implements such kind of technics (or similar) and large amount of complex data will not be a bottleneck due eager fetching?
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There are various caching mechanisms in Mendix and in general queries are optimized as much as possible while still being able to generically build queries based on a domain model. A query where objects are retrieved over multiple associations on a very complex domain model won't be as fast as a simple query on a lone entity of course.

Data is not retrieved when it's not necessary anyway :) and schema's are used so not ALL data of a certain object is retrieved for a form where you only show 2 attributes.