Bermuda Triangle Objects disappearing unexpectedly.

Hi there, Some weird stuff is happening on an implementation of Mendix. We have an object called "Client". Every now and again(not often at all), we find that this Client object removes itself from the database at random. Gone! We have no scenario where one of these objects are deleted programmatically. And the delete behavior keeps the Client object in all cases. Any ideas?
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Other possible causes: + Multiple models running against the same database (with different versions) + If the table is completely empty a delete and create (cut-paste style) of the entity would remove all records + Direct on the database records can be deleted, albeit probably in multiple tables


This is not a lot of information to go on, but there is no algorithm that randomly deletes objects :) delete behavior doesn't prevent an object from being deleted by an actual delete on that object itself though, perhaps there is simply a form with a delete button on these objects? Or a microflow doing this?

Also, this doesn't seem likely but if there is a userrole with delete rights on this entity, it could be deleted by a manual request to the server. I would probably look at other alternatives first though.