Microflows causing user license error?!?

Hi all, I have 3 MFs that I run in sequence. They create user accounts for 3 user roles. The first MF creates 380 accounts, the second 124 and the third 21. They work fine in development, but in Acceptance (our servers), the first always runs ok, but the second throws an error, as follows: 2012-12-11 13:22:14.029 ERROR - Connector: An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'm' with roles 'Administrator'] 2012-12-11 13:22:14.029 ERROR - Connector: la: Maximum number of users was exceeded, this license allows 20 users for limitation type 'NAMED' at HS.ODCreateAccounts.nested.ad701441-3715-4d74-9cc7-3e02d9469ebe [1 of 19] (CreateAndChange : 'Create Account(FullName, Name, Active, Password, UserRoles)') at HS.ODCreateAccounts (NestedLoopedMicroflow : '') Advanced stacktrace: at mg.a(SourceFile:188) Caused by: iO: Maximum number of users was exceeded, this license allows 20 users for limitation type 'NAMED' Can someone tell me what 'limitation type 'NAMED' means? Our limit is 20 users (subscription) but I can't see how I am triggering this kind of error just by creating user accounts. Any help gratefully recieved.
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Because the limitation is 20 named users you are only allowed to have 20 users. If you would like to have more users, you will need a concurent license with the same amount of users or more named users. The difference is that 20 named users will allow you to have a max of 20 user accounts where 20 concurent users will allow you to have an infinite amount of users with a max of 20 logged in at the same time.

Also see this wiki page for a better explanation.


I have encountered this same problem recently. I had an license with 600 named users and 600 concurrent users. But as soon as more then 600 active named users where found in the database nobody could log in anymore because of having more then 600 named active user accounts. A new license had to be made so that the application could be used again and the client could start making user accounts inactive. This was in version 3.3.2 by the way.

These license problems should in my opinion be handled in a more ellegant way :)