Upload Image widget not displaying in the browser

I am trying to get the image uploader to work but although the label displays as expected the actual file selector and upload button expected do not display in the browser (firefox - v17.0.1). I have the uploader widget in a table cell on a dataview nested within another dataview in accordance with how I interpret the documentation. I have the logo entity as a specialisation of the System.Image. The logo entity has a 1:1 relationship with the Tenant Entity. I have checked the forum and can not find anyone else having any issue so I am obviously doing something wrong but just can not see it. Can anyone offer advice to help me resolve?
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You're trying to upload an image on the Tenant entity? If so, create a after create event which creates a Logo entity and connects that newly created entity to the Tenant entity.. Open your domain model and double click the Tenant entity and select the microflow as a after create event for the Tenant entity..

The problem is that the Logo entity is displayed but it's not created, so create the logo entity and connect it to the tenant entity.