Debugger 4.3

It takes a bit used to, but I like the new debugger very much. There are many improvements that I like. But there is room for improvement though. Here are my points for improvement and I hope the comyounity will add to this list :) First it would be handy if the floating screens would respond to a windows 7 way (move to top to expand to full screen, left to size it half screen etc. I think most developers have either large screens or a multi monitor setup. I can then float the variables window to my second monitor and make it quick full screen. Now I have to adjust it manually. I do not yet know the best place for my debugger screen. I want the buttons close to the main screen (Step into, Step over etc.). I think it would be better if we could have some small icons for the buttons we could place in the main screen so the debug window could also move to my second monitor. Now this is not practical because the need to press the buttons. And it would be nice if the debugger would also stop at the continue events (see image) When I now take a step I can never see the result of the commit because it skips the coninue action and goes inmediately to the next iteration. But for the rest, great work. Regards, Ronald [EDIT] I just noticed that when I go to the next iteration the old value is still visible, so my last comment can be skipped.
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