Version Selector question 4.3

The release notes of 4.3 says: This application is installed automatically with the modeler and associates itself with Mendix project files and Mendix packages. It selects the correct modeler version to open the file when it is installed. If not, it will let you choose another modeler install or allow you to download the exact version in the Mendix App store. How should this work? if I try it 3 Mendix versions are associated with the mpr file. Edit: I expected it as Mpr is associated with 4.3 exe 4.3 reads model version from mpr Opens correct exe (for example 3.3.1) Edit: Version Selector was not installed. Reinstalled with admin rights.
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I do not now what you mean by 3 Mendix versions are associated with the .mpr file. Do you mean you see three versions if you right click and then choose "Open with"? If so, the version selector is there so that you do not need to use "Open with" anymore! Just double click an .mpr and go!

The version selector is a separate executable that is installed in C:\Program FilesMendix\Version Selector. It is associated with .mpr and .mpk files. This means that if you double click a Mendix project or package file, the following happens:

  • The Version Selector is opened.
  • If the file is a package (.mpk) it will ask you where you want to extract this package. This will result in a directory with (hopefully) one project file.
  • The project file (.mpr) is inspected to find out its Modeler version.
  • The installed versions are checked to see if the right Modeler is available.
  • If the Modeler is available, it is started with the project as a parameter.
  • If the Modeler is not available, the version selector opens a window in which you can a) download the right version, b) select another version to open the project with or c) manage installed versions (here you can add versions that are installed in non-standard places).

If you install a Modeler older than 4.1 you have to make sure that you uncheck the ".mpr" check box during installation. Otherwise, the .mpr extension will be associated with that Modeler version. Using Windows "Open with... > Choose program" feature (right-click a .mpr file) you can fix the association to the version selector, if this has happened.


I think that relates to this part

If not, it will let you choose another modeler install