Usage of external tools in Mendix

Hi, I am working on the DNB MDM application. We have a requirement to provide the user with the flexibility of choosing his own file format for file upload in 'Entity Matching' Step, instead of the Standard Layout that is available now. We have identified a tool - Mapforce from Altova, that accomplishes this. Please let me know if there is a feature in Mendix to use this tool. ie. to integrate an external tool with Mendix. Thanks in anticipation. Please let me know for any queries. Kind Regards, Aishwarya
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The modeler has not many options for tool integration, the models from Mapforce can not be imported in Mendix.

The only option I know is to write your model as XSD and import the XSD in the domain model. But I don't know Mapforce can do that.

In Mendix mapping is done with the Xml-to-domain mapping.

File a feature request for this, users will need this in the future, and it will ease the migration from other platforms.