How to Integrate a webservice which responds a list of objects?

To integrate a published webservice which responds a single entitiy is no problem but how to deal with a webservice that gives a list of objects as result? Above this I like to show this list of objects in for example a data grid. In the documentation I only can read that you have to use the "advanced interface", but no further information. In case of an entity I used in the "Call Web Service" the XML-to_domain mapping and in the "Map Object Element .." I used the "Call microflow" to obtain the object". No problem. But what to do for receiving a list of objects?
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Basically you can do the same as with a single object. You use the XML-to-Domain mapping to map 1 object type from the list to an entity. The mapper will do the rest. Whether you have 1 object or x objects the mapper will be called for each object in your list.


Hi Pieter,

I indeed try to do the same as with one single object. In the case of a single object I create a new object before the "Call Web service"and I can use this new created object as the mapping parameter in "Call Web Service.

The problem with the list is exactly this "mapping parameter" in the "Call Web Service". It is not possible to enter a mapping parameter and therefore I do not have the argument in the "Microflow to Obtain Object".