Mendix still has a Multi-Client Architecture?

I was reading an old Mendix Whitepaper that highlighted Mendix Multi-Client Architct. It is said: Once a model is found consistent by the Mendix Business Modeller, it can be deployed to the Mendix Business Server, which on its turn executes and exposes the model to one or more Mendix Clients. The Mendix Platform comes with various out-of-the-box target clients, including Mendix Ajax WebClient, a (offline) .NET client, a Java client and even a mobile client. Does this multi-client architct still stand? Can I access the other clients? Or do I have to use the Mendix Ajax WebClient (is this still the name?).
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This is probably quite old, the regular client (this would be the Mendix Ajax WebClient) and mobile client are now the same thing and there is no .NET or Java client.