How to access System.Owner

I have an entity for which I have selected the checkbox to store the Owner of each object in the entity. I have a few user specializations, so the Owner could be one of 4 flavors (customer, employee, vendor, etc.). On a form, I would like to display the username of the owner if the owner is System.User and another attribute for each of the specializations. However, I am having trouble accessing the correct entity. I created a text attribute on my entity and made it a calculated attribute. But when I try to access the owner in a microflow for this calculated attribute, I can't seem to retrieve the System.User object (or any other user object). Has anyone done anything similar? Any pointers for me?
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if you calculate the field by using a microflow.. the microflow is executed on behalf of the user. Not all user can access the system.owner due to security :(

Maybe a solution is to create a after create microflow which fills the field(s) for you? The microflow uses the currentuser which needs to be in a inheritance split (green triangle), the output of the inheritance split are your 4 flavours.. draw 4 lines and add a cast to each line. At that point you have the flavour and the user object so you can fill your fields.