Change object with different variables (1-10)

I have Items and more than one different Itemclasses I need to create a new object Item_ws and transfer the information of the item and the connected classes to this object. In the new object I have 10 fields Class_01 to Class_10. In these fields I need to set the class information 1 to 10. Each Class has a number and description. Number 1 needs to be transferred to Class_01 etc. What is the best way to do this?
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So if I understand it correctly you have the following:

You start with 1-10 objects named Item and you want to store the information of all these in 1 object named Item_ws, using 10 attributes?

Best thing to do is probably to make an enumeration for each of the 10 objects, iterate over the list of objects and in there you split it up based on the enumeration. For the enumeration Item_01 you set a change object on Item_ws for Class_01 and insert the information. You can then use this for each enumeration option.