Is it possible to retrieve objects from a webservice, show the objects in a form w/o commit to db?

I would like to retrieve a list of objects from a webservice and show them in a form without storing them in a db. I'm able to do all of above, but not without storing the objects in the db. Here is the approach I followed: Imported Web Services: imported the appropriate WSDL. XML mappings: added a mapping for the webservice. Object handling is Create. Microflows: added a microflow; added an activity, type Call Web Service. In the Reponse section, the XML mapping from the last bullet is used. The result is that objects are added to the db and that's not what I want. Any advice? Thanks. Toon Verschoor
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No, as soon as you create an XML Mapping you have to store the information in the database. The other problem you have is that you can't show any type of "variable" in a form.

You can solve the first problem by calling the webservice using a java action, with your own custom call (for an example of what the call should look like, set the loglevel to debug for webservices to true) and then return the value you parsed from the resulting XML to the Microflow as a variable.

As for the other problem, you could show a popup containing the value, but not a real form.