Trying to remove whitespace from DataGrid header and table rows

Hi, On a DataGrid, I'm having trouble removing the unneeded spacing in the header area and table rows below. This could be accomplished by removing the width on a table so that the table will collapses to the data. However, since the header area is in a different table then the data, when removing the 100% width assigned to .mendixDataGrid_gridTable, the header columns no longer line up with the data columns below it. Question: Is there a way to get the column headers in the same table as the data? That would solve the problem quickly. If not, is there any css trickery that I'm not thinking of that could easily accomplish having the column headers and table row collapse while staying aligned with each other. Thanks!
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You can not get the column header in the same table as the data unless you write your own widget which is not easy because the datagrid has a lot of functionality.