Search Engine Optimization(SEO) on public facing Mendix page

Hi We have an application we have developed that has a few public user pages that have content. these are accessible to any number of anonymous users. We now need to have them crawled by google so as to appear in search results. We are looking for any advice, tips and tricks to use to SEO the public facing content within our Mendix application.
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Server side rendered pages and SEO support will be introduced along with Mendix 5.


Howto - Search engine friendly Mendix App

MxBlog is a mendix app, so to proof that this works: Google: Mendix SEO Crawlable


By nature Mendix apps are not public sites to be searched and found. That's why the robots.txt is preventing the crawlers to index your site.

Not being complete some thoughts from my side:

  1. Robots.txt must be changed in the theme
  2. Make sure the links can be followed, don't use complex widgets.
  3. Check the security problems
  4. Mendix uses Ajax and has no url per page by nature, you have to find something for that. (Deeplinks?)
  5. There seems to be some tools for firefox which analyse your site, for example SEO Doctor. (No recommendation, not involved)
  6. Maybe some of these issues can only be solved by Mendix.

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