Delete Object without invoking delete event handler

I have been trying to create a microflow that will clean up all the non master data in my system. I tried to create a flow to retrieve and delete all the objects required. However i noticed that when you call a delete action it always invokes the events of the entity. I need to use the audit trail to monitor delete events apart from when i am using this microflow to clean up the data. I would have expected that on the delete action there to be an option to delete without events, but there isn't one. Does anyone else have any alternative suggestions on how to delete without events? I saw that there is an action in the appstore to delete all data of one entity, but i don't know whether this also triggers microflows?
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You're refering to the java action in the community commons module. This will delete all data of a given entity using delete behaviour.

My guess is that all the delete actions done by Mendix invoke the delete behaviour of the entity being deleted.