Interaction with default Mendix widget (data grid, template grid, etc.) from custom widgets

What I would like to achieve is an advanced filter form. You see them on many websites like webshop, vacation sites. etc.. On one side you have a list of filters, and on the other side you have a list of results. When you change one of the filters, the results are adjusted accordingly. I'm currently looking into a system where I use a template grid to display the results. Since the default filters of a template grid are not sufficient, i would like to create those myself and have them interact with the template grid. When a template grid sends a "retrieve-by-xpath" request to the business server, i can see it send a xpath constraint, a sort order, an offset, etc. What i would like to do is dynamically change the xpath constraint of the template grid from my custom filter widgets, so the template grid fetches the right results and refreshes. Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide me with the few code snippets to get me on my way?
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Store the "filter settings" in a non-persistent object and access that to set the actual Xpath settings.