UTF-8 encoding problems in migration

Hi guys, I'm trying to migrate from v2433 to 258 and then 3+ until we reach 4+ From 2433 to 2461 allwent great. Now from 2461 to 258 we keep getting utf-8 errors. I'm trying to see where we could fix this, but cannot see what and why we are having this problem. Setting somewhere? Database? The java was failing on £ and and Euros signs. I've removed the code momentarily just to check and keep getting 100s of errors with cannot find symbol. Possibly some java imports, but wouldn't the conversion deal with that?! LR.
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There are no dollar or euro signs in java imports. The framework itself has always been in UTF-8 by the way so I wouldn't expect this to be part of a problem between 2.x and later. What is the exact error you are getting and in what kind of files?