Reaching attributes 2 deep in mobile custom widgets

I'm currently working on a mobile form in which I'm using the listview widget to show a list of objects. For each object I'd like to show an attribute of an object which is 2 references 'away' from my form object in a custom widget. In other words: Entity A (form entity) -> Entity B -> Entity C (has attribute I need) With all associations being 1-n references. Now I'm running into the following issue: *Custom widgets can only go 1 deep, so the custom widget cannot reach the attribute I need. *I thought of solving that by inserting a dataview to reach the entity by entitypath and then have the widget display the attribute. However, dataviews cannot be placed in listviews. Does anybody have any suggestions how to work around this? The only solution I've come up with myself so far is putting a helper attribute on Entity B which would contain the value of the attribute on Entity C which I need. However this would require doing this for several hundred thousands of objects, which would obviously be far from ideal.
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You can use a formloader in a template grid.