Reference from Persistable to Non persistable object

Hi all, I have a common pattern where I store some configuration (for example a filepath). In my form, I would like to show a dropdown with all available filepaths which are generated on the fly and stored in a transient object. After making the selection, I store the real filepath as attribute on my configuration object. However the pattern above is not possible, as a persistent object cannot refer to a non-persistent object. How do you work with this pattern in general? Use a grid with a button that uses inner and outer context File a feature reqest to be able to set (but not store) references to non-persistent objects (a.k.a. non persistent reference) Some other pattern that I overlook right know (this is the answer I'm hoping for ;-))
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(ab)use persistent objects as transient object. If it concerns objects that can be viewed by multiple users at once make sure you connect them to a user. Each time that user opens the form where you want to show the drop down, remove all objects connected to that user and generate them on the fly.

Its not fancy, and can create some garbish but it can do the trick. Also add a clean-up microflow that cleans up objects of this type that are 1 day or older.


May be I am missing something, but why could you not create the non-persistent objects, let the user select one of these objects and use this selection to copy this object to the persistent object?