No refresh after switching tabs with listener grids

I have a grid (left) and a tab-controller (right) that contains a grid on each tab that is listening to the grid left. When I make a selection left the grid on the selected tab is filled with data as expected. However, when switchig tabs, the newly shown grid remains empty although the left grid is still holding the selection. This in spite of the tab-controller option "refresh on show", that is switched 'on'. Only when I de-select and select again left the grid in the 2nd tab is filled with the appropriate data. This is a serious problem as when left another selection is made, data from the previous selection still are being shown after a tab-switch. Is there a solution or work-around available for this problem?
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It seems that the switching between tabs and the refresh of the grids listening to other grids is a bit 'buggy', so you could try to submit a support call.

As you are saying that the grid is available on every tab page it could be an option to change the layout and place the grid outside the tabs. This would also enhance the performance of the form as the data does not have to be retrieved every time the user switches a tab. And this circumvents the issue that you are experiencing.

I hope this helps.