Consuming SOAP webservices - what should I be aware of?

Hi, I'm currently integrating with a few SOAP webservices. I've noticed, some of the SOAP WS, you're able to import automatically, using the Documentation. But, some of the WS just don't work. I had to consume the WS via Java code. Is there a list describing exactly the kind of WS that I can import automatically? The kind of parameters the WS should have... Any unsupported return types... etc.
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I don't believe there is such a list, some unsupported elements that i know of are:

  • XSD Any element
  • XSD All element
  • XSD choice element

Also make sure that the wsdl contains a schema that describes the elements of your operations, i found that some wsdl's do have this.


Another thing is that sometimes WSDL's can be imported if you tweak them a little before you import. i.e. remove the choice element and replace them with a sequence or remove the any element and replace it with a sequence and with its child elements.