Download file (Export to Excel and more) in IE blocked

All, I've searched the forum for word like 'blocked' 'file' 'IE'. I came across this, but this doesn't solve my problem: In short: When a user does 'Export to excel' (basic Mendix button in grid) the file can not be downloaded by a user. A message pops up with a security warning. After approving the user can download the file, but the page reloads. how can I prevent this.
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Roeland, Not sure what version of IE you are using, but in IE 8, the following should resolve this issue: - Go to the Tools menu and open Internet Options - Navigate to the Privacy tab - In the Pop-up Blocker section, click the Settings button - In the Pop-up Blocker Settings window, add the URL for your Mendix application to the list of allowed sites

That solved it for my application.

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As Mike pointed out, this is a security setting. I've had similar problems at a customer, where users could not edit IE's settings. We've taken this issue to the IT department of the customer, and they added the Mendix application to a white list.