Items in datagrid displayed as 61 of NaN {3}

Whenever our customer tries to view certain items in a datagrid, the first few pages display correctly, but the fourth page doesn't show. The paging area shows: 61 of NaN {3} If i run the Chrome Console while doing this, i get the following error (560) Firebug displays the following: Note: Mendix doesn't return any visible error to the customer, it seems like it can't retrieve the right objects. However, the next page works fine again. Anyone an idea what the issue might be? Thanks!
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Hi Paul,

Did you check out this thread?

I came across the same nasty behaviour and found out the system is sometimes deleting items you do not expect. In my case, I think it was a rollback or delete on an orderline that removed the order as well. Something like that.

Cheers. Toon


Thanks for your answer Toon,

This helped me in finding that an assoc was deleted. The assignment ( object that needs to be displayed ) still exists, but one of it's assocs isn't set properly.

All i have to do is set the guid, and ofcourse find out why the assoc was deleted in the first place :-)